And heeere it finally is…The list of winners. Thanks to all participants for their support and congrats to the winners. Y’all are really helping @belinda_cf have to worry a whooole lot less about her stay in the US of A.
Just a couple of weeks more patience and then our “Shorty B” AKA CrossFit Pokemon is heading to the Games. O.M.G…
808 CFRW Stempelkaart
127 CFRW Stempelkaart
481 CFRW T-shirts/Top
606 CFRW Sweater
632 Voedingsschema Sylke
248 Krachtschema Timothy
049 PT Mobility Wieteke
649 PT Conditioning Robert
480 PT Weightlifting Piene
738 PT Slo
638 PT Belinda
809 Spot Clinic Belinda
479 Spot Clinic Belinda
702 RX Pursuit t.w.v. €50
219 RX Pursuit t.w.v. €50
601 Muscle Meals t.w.v. €75
593 Muscle Meals t.w.v. €75
314 Coach sessie
139 Coach sessie
134 Goodiebag
570 Goodiebag
002 Goodiebag
012 Goodiebag
455 Goodiebag
112 Goodiebag
110 Tactical Backpack
108 Limited Pink Barbell